Mozart & Friends Involved in the making of Monrose' DebutAlbum "TEMPTATION"

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2006 December 8th / Mozart & Friends Producers J. Worthy and Marc Mozart have produced for the highly anticipated debut album of the new German Girlband MONROSE.

Senna of German Girlband Monrose with Producer Marc Mozart in the Studio during the Recordings of Platinum selling Album TemptationMozart & Friends Producers J. Worthy and Marc Mozart have so far worked on three songs for the band.
Two of the productions are appearing on the album "Temptation".
A third song called "Diamonds & Pearls" is already in the making.

Monrose - "Two Of A Kind" (links in iTunes Music Store Germany)

"Two Of A Kind" has already seen its live premiere at Europe's biggest Live Pop-Event THE DOME on German TV Channel RTL2. Instantly the song became one hot topic amongst the fans of MONROSE.
"The song was already produced when the labels' A&R person offered us to work on a remix of the song.", Marc Mozart says.

Mandy of Monrose and Marc Mozart"J'son came up with a really cool drumbeat and that roaring electro-synth.
The original producer of the song (popstars-judge Dieter Falk) heard our version and he and the label's A&R guy Nik Hafemann liked it so much that Dieter decided to use our remix tracks on the album version, so J. Worthy and I ended up being co-producers on the track."

Monrose - "Push Up On Me" (links in iTunes Music Store Germany)

"Push Up On Me" is another hot uptempo track and is one of the tracks in discussion to become the second single of the band. (poll on the band's website here).
Mandy of Monrose with Producer Marc Mozart in the Studio recording the album TemptationThe song is based on the hot beats of New York producers J-Remy and Bobby Bass, while Marc Mozart took care of the final production, arranged the harmonized vocal hook, added flavours of German Electro-Pop/Technotrance and also did the final mix.

Marc Mozart: "The original demo was a hot dancehall R&B-track with a toasted Sean Paul-type hook, and we were facing the challenge to adopt it for a three piece girlband. In the studio I was playing a riff on the keyboard, and we decided to make it a vocal hook, so basically the girls are singing my keyboard-riff on the chorus. Later on, the labels A&R-guy Nik Hafemann encouraged us to go full risk on the production, and we finally went for that Technotrance intro on the final mix, bringing the keyboard back in. I think it worked out really well."


Monrose - Album "Temptation"
(links in iTunes Music Store Germany)

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