Mozart & Friends Help to Launch Music Career of Superstar-Actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht

Update March 2008:
Info about Jimi Blue's third single "Hey Jimi" following soon...

Update February 2008:
Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is nominated for an ECHO-Award as "Best Newcomer"

Mozart & Friends are working on the debut-album of german superstar-actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht. Amongst his young fans, Jimi Blue is widely known for playing the lead role of the movie series "Wilde Kerle" ("The Wild Bunch").

Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and Marc Mozart in the studioIn close teamplay with Jimi Blue and Universal's Pop A&R Andy Kappel, Mozart & Friends have developed unique songs and productions for the forthcoming album entitled "Mission Blue".
The album features Rap-Lyrics by Mozart & Friends Songwriter Manuel Loyo, Feature-Vocals by Thanh Bui and Alexander Gernert, while the debut-single "I'm Lovin... (l.r.h.p.)" features a "Mozart & Friends Mix" remixed by J. Worthy, Doctor Fink and Marc Mozart.

Jimi Blue and Mozart & Friends Songwriter Manuel Loyo in the studioMozart & Friends Songwriter Manuel Loyo (left) with artist Jimi Blue

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Jimi Blue - Album "Mission Blue"
Jimi Blue - Mission Blue

(incl. hit-singles "I'm Lovin... l.r.h.p.", "All Alone" and "Hey Jimi" )