Mozart and Friends Writers land more Number one releases in Japan

Yamapi - One in a MillionJanuary 9th, 2011 - after a sensational year 2010 with a series of No. 1 records in Japan, Mozart & Friends continues to write chart history in Japan with two live DVD releases seeling more than 200.000 units. Mozart & Friends celebrates a No.1 on the Japanese Charts on both the last week of 2010 and the first week of 2011 with two live DVDs from J-Pop Acts NEWS and KAT-TUN.

Yamashita Tomohisa Album-Cover "Supergood Superbad"Update February 1st, 2011 - Yamashita Tomohisa's album "Supergood, Superbad" tops the Japanese Album-Charts. The album includes the new track "Tokyo Sinfonietta" as well as the 2010 No. 1 Single "One in a Million". This is the third No. 1-placement for Mozart & Friends writers within the first 4 weeks of 2011!

2010 finished with the Live-DVD of J-Pop band NEWS scoring a No. 1 on the DVD-Charts in Japan with more than 100.000 units sold in the first week. The album included the song "One in a Million", the successful No. 1 solo-single of NEWS Lead Singer Yamashita Tomohisa.
Then, a week later KAT-TUN took over and went to No. 1 on the DVD-Charts in Japan with their live DVD "No more pain / World Tour 2010". The live DVD features the Jason Worthy / Alfred Tuohey-penned song "Hello".

Cover-Art Yamashita Tomohisa - "One in a million"
"No more pain / World Tour 2010" (DVD)

sold more than 100.000 copies in the first week.

Cover-Art Yamashita Tomohisa - "One in a million"
Yamashita Tomohisa
"One in a Million" (Single)

sold 71.040 copies on the first day in stores!
Number 1 in Japan and best-selling record on the planet that day!

Cover-Art Kat-Tun Single "Going"
Kat-Tun Single "Going"
Another Number 1 in Japan, certified Platinum for more than 250.000 Units sold

Cover-Art Kat-Tun Album "No More Pain"
Kat-Tun Album
"No more Pain"

is certified Gold and also went Number 1 on the Charts in Japan