Innocent Records (EMI UK) announces debut-single of boyband 365

Innocent Records just invited press and media to see their "pop priority for 2006", boyband 365. During a showcase held in the club downstairs of London restaurant Sway, the band presented their up and coming debut single "One Touch" (to be released Nov 6th), on which Mozart & Friends worked on alongside 365 bandmember Danny, Andy Love, Lee Davey, Jethro East and John Cameron.

"If you look at what happened behind the scenes, this is another perfect example of how 'the little difference sometimes makes the big difference'", Marc Mozart explains: "Andy asked us to help him finalize the track he had worked on with Danny. Andy send us the Logic Pro session he had through iChat. We put a couple days of hard work in it and returned him the finished songdemo.
The song was presented to the label and months later, they finally decided to release it as 365' debut single."

Update September 2006:
365 video "One Touch" added on CLICK HERE

Update October 2006:
Boyband 365 break in to Simon Cowell's house!! And they videoed it... You gotta see it to believe it!! CLICK HERE
Boyband 365 have been interview by Funday Times Capital Disney Podcast

Meet Boyband 365 (free download - links in iTunes UK Store)

365 official website
365 on myspace
365 streetteam on myspace

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