A modern-day Mozart uses Focusrite gear to create the perfect mobile music solution…

Marc Mozart and Patrick Flo MacheckOk, it may not be that Mozart, but Marc Mozart is a modern-day composer who travels the world and co-writes with some of the finest songwriters of our time. He is also right at the cutting edge of technology with his gear choices and portable set-up, the mainstay of which is his Focusrite Saffire FireWire interface.

Over the years Mozart has worked as a producer and songwriter for P Diddy and J.Lo’s former management company, Handprint Entertainment, as well as scoring a string of hit singles for German pop stars Bro’ Sis. He now runs Mozart & Friends, managing artists and producers who, between them, have sold millions of records worldwide.

“I am traveling a lot doing co-writes with many great songwriters in the UK, Sweden and the US,” says Mozart. “The Saffire always travels with me, along with a 17-inch Apple PowerBook running Logic Pro 7.”

“One of things I have experienced with all Focusrite Products is that they take the stress out of your sessions,” he continues.” The Saffire’s concept of having five different latency-free monitor mixes with reverb and flexible routing is simply amazing – you can leave your host-software like it is, you don't need to worry about latency or buffer settings and just start recording. The Saffire really is a no-brainer!”

Marc also works with a lot of young producers just breaking into the business and finds the Saffire is ideal for them too…

“They are not prepared to spend 10 grand or more on a DSP-based recording system,” he explains. “Saffire makes the decision easy and, again, the flexible routing with latency-free monitoring and onboard DSP for EQ, dynamics and reverb is THE big feature. My advice is to put your money into the fastest possible computer, hook up the Saffire, and there you go.”

So from mobile music to hi-end DSP system, Focusrite’s Saffire certainly fits the bill. Don’t just take our word for it, ask Mozart!

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