"30 Days 'til famous": Skott Francis to co-star new U.S. music reality TV-series starting spring 2006

In December 2004, Marc Mozart was approached by the management of a young unsigned artist by the name of Skott Francis. His management consulted Marc to musically develop the talented Spanish/Danish-born singer. They're collaboration resulted in placing one of the tracks in a pan-european 30 million € campaign through premium brandname "Head & Shoulders", a project which Marc had enjoyed developing in close team play with renowned advertisting agency Saatchi & Saatchi London.
it looks like that was just the beginning... Skott has just anounced on his website that he has been selected to co-star in the new U.S. music reality TV-series "30 Days 'til famous".
Marc Mozart: "This is probably one of the biggest opportunities a young artist can get these days. Skott's manager Erika Lee has done fantastic work developing Skott Francis from grassroots level into an A-Level artist and personality who has the voice, looks, charisma and belief to break into the US-market."

Skott Francis
Saatchi & Saatchi