Alexander Gernert

Songwriter/Producer Alexander GernertWorked with/for:
DMX, Daniele Negroni (German Idol), Michael Schulte, Cinema Bizarre, Monrose, Jimi Blue, No Angels
Greatest Achievements:
Co-wrote "Another Way" on Daniele Negroni's (German Idol/DSDS) album "Bullet Proof", co-wrote title-song for Michael Schulte's album "Wide Awake"; Official Remixer for DMX-Album "Greatest Hits With A Twist" (2011); co-wrote a song on the gold debut album "Mission Blue" of german actor Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht; feature vocalist on Jimi Blue Hit-Single "All Alone" (out January 2008);
official remixer for No Angels Hit-Singles "Teardrops" & "Disappear" (Germany's winning song for the Eurovison Song Contest 2008);
composer for Pro7/Monrose TV-Campaign "We Love To Entertain You"

Selected Discography: CLICK HERE