Alf "The Angel" Tuohey

Neil AthaleWorked with/for:
Cascada, Mathew Knowles, J.R. Rotem, The Voice of Holland (No. 1 Single), Yamashita Tomohisa aka Yamapi (No. 1 Single + Album Japan), Popstars On Stage Allstars, Jimi Blue, Stefanie Heinzmann, Room 2012, Arashi (No. 1 Japan), Kat-Tun (No. 1 Japan), etc.
Recent Achievements:
No. 1-Single "One Thousand Voices" (The Voice of Holland), No. 1-Single A-Side in Japan (Yamashita Tomohisa "One in a Million") - highest selling music release on the planet in the week of release, No. 1 Album and Single with Kat-Tun; co-wrote and co-produced Casada "Stalker"

Selected Discography: CLICK HERE

Alfred "The Angel" Tuohey is an award winning international songwriter and producer. He began by writing and producing 5 number one hits for boyband 'North' (Universal and EMI) across 7 countries in Asia, and was also a member of the band.
'North' parted ways in 2006 after two hit albums and many successful tours and since then Alf has sold million's of records in Germany, Australia, Japan, Denmark, Spain, Sweden and Austria. He has written and produced on Top 10 records in Germany (Popstars TV-Series, Jimi Blue, No Angels), Austria, Denmark and several Number 1 Records in Japan.

In 2010, Alf scored the No. 1 A-Side Single "One In A Million" by Yamashita Tomohisa which was - in the week of release, the highest selling music release on the planet.
Earlier the same year, he also landed tracks on the No. 1 Album "No More Pain" with KAT-TUN and also with ARASHI and many more, whilst also writing and producing on other gold selling records and successful major label artists.

The Voice of Holland - "One Thousand Voices" CoverartIn 2011, Alf co-wrote the No. 1-single "One Thousand Voices" for the TV-Series "The Voice of Holland", the dutch original of the popular TV-show "The Voice".
"The Voice" has been developed by Mozart & Friends music publishing partner Talpa Music.

Alfred grew up in Australia, and before leaving Australia he worked with many of the Australian Idols, however in search of a more international career he moved to Germany in 2009 to continue his success in the German territory as well as work and travel with other great artists and writers across Europe.
Since January 2010 Alfred has been focusing on producing music for both Europe and America, as the U.S music trends began shifting to a more European sound. He is now gaining a lot of attention in the US with numerous major artists now recording tracks for their new albums (TBA). Alf is now living in North Hollywood (L.A.) to follow the hype around his music there.