moremoremoremorePatrick Flo Macheck
of Producer-Duo

Worked with/for:
Lady Gaga, DMX, Babyface, Russell Simmons, Mary J. Blige, Vanilla Ice, Jagged Edge, Bobby Brown, Missy Elliott, Brandy, Eve, Bootsy Collins, Mousse-T, Monrose, Stefanie Heinzmann, Popstars On Stage Allstars, etc.
Recent Achievements:
Mixing for Lady Gaga-Single "Alejandro" in spring 2010; Official Remixer for DMX-Album "Greatest Hits With A Twist" (2011)
Selected Discography: CLICK HERE

In 2011, Patrick Flo Macheck contributed to the WunderBros remixes of legendary artists including Vanilla Ice, Jagged Edge and Bobby Brown.

Lady Gaga - Alejandro (Cover Artwork)In 2010, Patrick Flo Macheck mixed for Lady Gaga's forthcoming remix-single "Alejandro", one more major artist on his impressive credit list.

iTunes Logo Alejandro (Kleerup Remix, mixed by Patrick Flo Macheck) (links in iTunes Store)

Patrick first signed with Mozart & Friends in 2006 and is also signed as a writer to the "Mozart & Friends / AMV Talpa" co-publishing venture.

His speciality are hot bouncing clubmixes. Major international stars have been treated by his art of remixing and mixing.
He already worked for and with various artists as a producer, engineer, songwriter and remixer.
Collected some major names for his credit list through remixing Bootsy Collins, Narada Michael Walden, Mousse-T, JayJay Johanson and others, peaking in his involvement as the official remixer for the project „Wake Up Everybody“ (view Patrick's selected Discography).

Produced by Kenneth „Babyface“ Edmonds and Russell Simmons, this project added more names to his credit list, as people like Missy Elliott, Mary J. Blige, Jadakiss, Brandy, Musiq, Jon B., Eve and many more were part of this.

Wake Up Everybody (links in iTunes US Store)

Monrose - Hot Summer (Cover Artwork)In Europe Patrick has contributed a mix to the No. 1 gold-single "Hot Summer" for platinum selling german girlband Monrose.

The mix was included on the official CD-Single and also available through all major download sites.

iTunes Hot Summer / Mozart & Friends PFM Housemix
(links in iTunes Music Store)

Although Patrick insists on not being a master on any instrument, he sometimes happens to play all instruments on his tracks. He is highly experienced with microphones, acoustics and studio equipment and is a master at arranging vocals and coaching vocalists to deliver a top performance.

Patrick runs his own studio in the center of beautiful Vienna/Austria.
He also custom composed/produced music for companies like NOKIA, Red Bull and Masterfoods to name a few, and also enjoyed a side career as speaker in various TV and radio spots.

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