Manuel Loyo

Producer/Songwriter Manuel LoyoWorked with/for:
DMX, Monrose, No Angels, Fettes Brot, Club Nouveau, Doreen, Jimi Blue, Pro 7 Popstars On Stage Allstars, etc.
Recent Achievements:
Official Remixer for DMX-Album "Greatest Hits With A Twist" (2011)

Selected Discography: CLICK HERE

Personal Contact: manuel.loyo(at)
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Manuel Loyo is a songwriter/producer coming from a strong urban background.
His style is heavily influenced by modern club & black music.
He has work with/for award winning artist like DMX, Monrose, No Angels, Fettes Brot, Club Nouveau, Doreen, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht, Pro7 Popstars on stage Allstars and many more.
Besides composing Manuel has a high reputation in doing remix work.

He co-wrote songs with several No.1 hitmakers like Allan Eshuis, Alex Geringas, Alf Tuohey and Vincent "Beatzarre" Stein.

Credits include:
- composer for nationwide Pro7/Starwatch TV-Campaign "We Love To Entertain You"
- official remixer for US #1 rap artist DMX ("Where the hood at", "Up in here")
- official remixes for german multi platinum act "No Angels" including Germany's winning song for the Eurovison Song Contest 2008 "Disappear"
- co-wrote 6 songs of gold-awarded german artist Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht

Manuel is part of the Mozart & Friends Producer Team as well as to the Mozart & Friends Co-Publishing venture with AMV Talpa (Hamburg, Germany).

Michael Jackson Autograph with personal dedication to Manuel Loyo, producer and songwriter of the Mozart & Friends team of music producers