Mimoza Blinsson

Mimoza BlinssonWorked with/for:
Cascada, J.R. Rotem, Yamashita Tomohisa (No. 1 Single Japan), co-writes with Alf Tuohey, VIncent "Beatzarre" Stein (Bushido, Sido, etc.), Skyhigh (Crizzo & Maxim)
Recent Achievements:
her first release as a songwriter hit No. 1 on the single charts in Japan, selling more than 70.000 copies on the first sales day (Yamashita Tomohisa - "One In A Million") - the highest selling music release on the planet that week; co-wrote the Cascada-song "Stalker"

Selected Discography: CLICK HERE

In October 2009, Mimoza Blinsson send Marc Mozart a message through Myspace asking him to help her to start a career in the music industry.
Mozart: "There was so much energy in that message, I instantly knew that she got what it takes."
Mimoza was invited to Mozart & Friends Studios and immediately started singing and writing tracks. On the spot, Marc Mozart offered her to become part of the Mozart & Friends-Team, and in early 2010 she signed an exclusive longterm publishing deal with the team.

One of her early co-writes at Mozart & Friends with Alfred Tuohey and German Hip-Hop Superstar Producer Beatzarre turned out to be her first major cut, and went to No. 1 on the Single-Charts in Japan (Yamashita Tomohisa "One in a Million").
The record was - in the release week - the highest selling music release on the planet and marked a spectacular start for Mimoza Blinsson's songwriting career.

There are many more things to come, as Mimoza formed a constant writing collaboration with Hit-Writer Alfred Tuohey. Amongst many other projects, they are currently working with and for J.R. Rotem, Mathew Knowles and many more.