Neil Athale (Previous Client - Until 2009)

Neil AthaleWorked with/for:
Room 2012, Popstars On Stage Allstars, Jimi Blue, Just Girls, Katerine, Brian McFadden, Delta Goodrem, Booty Luv, Andy Love, Dee Adam, Alex Geringas, Peter Wright, The Hookers, Billy Myers, Sibel Redzep, etc.
Recent Achievements:
co-wrote and produced hit-single "Never Give Up" for German TV-series "Popstars On Stage" and Room 2012
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In September 2007, Neil has produced five tracks for the "Allstars"-Album of German TV-Series "Popstars On Stage" including the smash-hit "Never Give Up" which he co-wrote with "Popstars On Stage"-contestant Cristobal. An updated version of the track is featured on "Elevator", the debut album of Popstars Germany 2007 winning band Room 2012.
Swedish Recording Artist Sibel Redzep recorded Neil's song "Make Believe" for her new album on Warner Music Sweden.
Neil also co-wrote the latest single "Don't Put It On Me" of Belgian Superstar Katerine, co-wrote for a Triple Platnum, No. 1 Album in Portugal (Just Girls / "Morangos com açúcar") and contributed to the debut-album "Mission Blue" of Universal Germany Artist Jimi Blue.
He is currently writing with some of the best songwriters/artists around, including Andy Love, Dee Adam, Alex Geringas, Peter Wright, the Hookers, Billy Myers, Anna Chapman and many more.

Neil grew up in Yorkshire, England. He first started playing piano at 11 and moved on to guitar at 14. Taught the basics first by his uncle, Neil then decided to further his abilities by teaching himself. By 16, Neil spent most of his time playing and listening to music. He joined many local bands.

After finishing college, he decided to start trying to create a career in music. Using studying a Degree in Recording Arts as the reason to relocate to London, he began working and playing music full time.
It took no time before Neil was playing in bands and doing session work. One such band ended up landing a record contract with an American independent record label.
This provided the band with the exciting opportunity of moving to LA and start recording their first album. However, as sometimes happens with independent labels, they lost there funding. So they moved back to England where Neil decided to leave the band and concentrate more on his own songwriting/production.

The next few years saw Neil start writing and producing songs with several successful London songwriters. In addition to this Neil was also busy working as a session guitar player, playing on tours for several successful artists, including Brian Mcfadden (UK/Europe #1).

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